Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 12 - Helena, MT - Missoula, MT

Day 12 - Helena, MT - Missoula, MT

Today we left Jeff and Sue's and stopped at the Big Sky Cyclery in downtown Helena, MT for a few things. I had to get a new rear light...mine somehow fell off during the 3,000+ miles she has been in the rack on the back of the my odometer futzed out, so I got a new one, so I will know how slow I am really going up these hills!

Then we stopped for lunch at The Atomic Cafe in Helena. It didn't look like much, but I must say the food was really good!
Then it was off to Missoula and the hotel to check in and rearrange our luggage so that we out everything we will need for the next 3 days in a small knapsack so we can carry it with us on the Trail of the Hiawatha and the Coeur d' Alene Trail.
On the way I got to see a 'cattle drive 2013 style on the main road. There was a lady in a pickup truck waving a red flag out the window to get drivers to slow down and there was a cowboy on a horse riding behind a herd of cattle as they toodled down the shoulder of the highway. There was a whole bunch of Momma Cows and baby cows just meandering down the road. Every now and then a baby cow would start running...almost like " Hey Ma, Wait for me!" It was quite the site to see.


It had been raining on and off during our drive over from Helena, but just after we checked into the hotel the skies opened up and the deluge began.
Later tonight we pick up Miriam from the airport and tomorrow begins our Idaho Adventure!

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