Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 15 - Couer d' Alene Trail - Plummer, ID - Wallace, ID

Day 15 - Coeur d' Alene Trail - Plummer, ID - Wallace, ID

This morning we are riding back to Wallace, ID along the trail. When we started it was very foggy, but it soon burnt off and the ride was just beautiful.
The first 8 miles are downhill and I was leading the way and all of a sudden, a large elk jumps out of the woods right in front of my bike and scared me half to death. I never realized just how big these animals are. They are majestic...but big!
We saw a few more along the way, but no more close calls.
We saw what I think was a fox that just stood alongside the route and stared at us and one of the riders along the trail tried to show me a bull moose that was off in the distance but for the life of me I couldn't see it.
It got exceptionally hot during the ride and once again, the heat got to me. We had lunch in Cataldo, ID and then after lunch Miriam and Marnie went up to the old mission...the oldest building in Idaho...and I headed back to the hotel. I just bearly made it...I was wiped out.


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