Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 28 - 7/10/13 - Fernie, BC, Canada - REST DAY

Day 28 - 7/10/13 - Fernie, BC, Canada - REST DAY

No Pictures today....I seem to have caught a cold, or otherwise I am alergic to something. Head congestion and clogged ears. Not doing anything except hanging out in my room and resting.
I might head into town tonight to get something to eat...only time will tell.
Tomorrow we are back in the USA! Let's hope everyone remembers their passports.

Ok, I lied. I have one is of  "The Ghostrider." The Ghostrider can only be seen when the sun hits the mountain at just the right angle during summer evenings. We got to see it today. It is really kind of awesome.

According to legend, William Fernie had promised to marry an Indian Princess to learn the source of her sacred black stone necklace. It is said that after learning the location of the Morrissey Coal Seam, Fernie stopped seeing the Princess and a curse was placed on the Elk Valley. Although the curse was later lifted, the ghost of the Indian Chief riding his horse with his jilted daughter at his side can still be seen on summer evenings among the shadows of Mount Hosmer's face.

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