Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 26 - 7/8/13 - Pincher Creek, AB, Canada - Blairmore, AB, Canada

Day 26 - 7/8/13 - Pincher Creek, AB, Canada - Blairmore, AB, Canada

No pictures today....spent the day driving ... Mary to the dentist --- abcessed tooth...then it was off in search of the riders as the weather took a turn for the worst....thunder, lightning and torential rain. But alas, all riders were accounted for.. some a little wetter than others...
Two of the riders followed the cue sheets even after the road turned to gravel and then ended at a locked gate. Instead of turning back, these two riders hoisted their bikes over a locked gate and continued on down the gravel road. We finally found them soaking wet and covered with mud. One of the riders has a rash burn on his leg and arm from when he took a fall... But all the riders are fine.
To make the day even better, when we got to the hotel we found out that it had burned down [over a year ago]! But all was not lost, it turns out our reservations were at the hotel 1.5 miles up the road with the same name. Whew!

Happy Hour was hosted by Nancy and Jim was nice enough to let us use his room, since he was on the first floor.

I had dinner at "Popiels" just up the street from the hotel and I must say I really enjoyed the 'Munich Schnitzel and Spatzle. Even have enough left over for breakfast in the morning!

Tomorrow we are off to Fernie, British Columbia and then we have a REST DAY! From everything I am hearing, Fernie is going to be a fun town to check out.

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