Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Route 66 - Rest Day - Claremore, OK

Route 66 - Part 1
Rest Day - Claremore, OK
Since today is a rest day, I figured I would go through my camera an finally do something with all the other photos that I have that really didn't fit into my daily blog. This should most likely turn out very interesting or odd, depending on how you look at it...
We have made it to Kansas...has anyone seen Dorothy or Toto?
I haven't seen these since the early 60s!
Just in case you forgot you were on the Mother Road when you come through the drive-thru...
I wonder what the Route 66 Patrol is...does it have something to do with Shaved Ice or Candy?
The bridge is really awesome, and so is the sign..
Galena, Kansas and the Will Rogers Highway in Litch Park
Mike is deciding if he wants to purchase this fab headgear to co1mbat the cold that has decended upon us. It even has really neat and warm 'idiot strings' for the mittens
Jim has found a headgear accessory to go with his tiger tail on his bike
The replica Hubble Telescope on the courthouse lawn was incredible. Now I have a sign to allow me to remember what I saw.
An old switchboard...they too have gone the way of Route 66
The bridge that replaced the Rainbow Curve Bridge...what a shame, I really liked the old one.
A rider crosses the new bridge on Route 66
 The sign announcing the historic bridge
 Will Rogers Museum Entrance
 Will Rogers and his favorite horse "Soapsuds."
Will Rogers sarcophosus with saying, "I never met a man I didn't like."
A bronze of Will Rogers

Another collage of Will Rogers' more famous sayings.
 Need I say anything?
 The front of the Coleman Theater

 The Coleman Theater sign

 The Cafe on the Route sign on the side of the building.
 The Baxter Springs Visitor Center
 Another view of the Baxter Springs Visitors Center
 The sign says it all!
 Here are some other photos that didn't make it into the original blog postings...
 1940s Switchboard
 Bicycle Mural outside of St. Louis, MO
 The Coleman Theater
 The Elbow Inn, Devils Elbow, MO
 The Mule Trading Post
 The Munger Moss Motel
 The Peggy Palmer Library
 Rich and Bill taking a break on a bench....
 Totem Pole Park
 Fiddles at Totem Pole Park
 Will Rogers Statue on "Soapsuds"
Wrinks Market
Well, I believe I have finally organized all of the photos taken so far, but time will tell.
Tomorrow we are off to Bristow, OK

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