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Route 66 - Day 11 - St. Robert, MO to Conway, MO

Route 66 - Part 1
Day 11 St. Robert to Conway

55.8 Actual Miles / 2656 Actual Elevation


            Fort Leonard Wood - US Army post, named for a former chief of staff General Leonard Wood. After the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898, then-Colonel Wood and his friend Theodore Roosevelt recruited the 1st Volunteer Cavalry—the famous Rough Riders—of which Wood was the commanding officer. Meritorious conduct at the battles of Las Guasimas and San Juan Hill gained Wood promotion to brigadier general. After the war Wood served as military governor of Cuba from 1899 to 1902 and governor over the Philippines from 1921 to 1927. General Wood ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1920, narrowly losing to Warren G. Harding.  The post was established in 1940 and was a significant basic training center during WWII and the resulting high traffic on nearby 66 led to the widening of the highway through the area, including the well-know "Hooker Cut," an early example of road construction techniques that became so common in the latter "interstate" era. There is a small museum on base.

A picture to immortalized that I did ride on Route 66.
Frog Rock - A rocky outcropping on the side of a hill that vaguely resembles a frog in shape. Frog Rock is periodically repainted in appropriate colors to enhance the illusion.
Old Stagecoach Stop – A two-story station which also saw duty as a Civil War hospital and as a hotel during its 150-year history.
  1923 Rubidoux Creek Bridge
 Clever Name—“Every Blooming Thing” a plant store in a renovated gas station.

Giant Bowling Pin (right beside the sign “Adult SUPER Store”) hmmmm…..
Laquey (pronounced 'lake-way')


 A great stop with lots and lots of Route 66 'stuff'. The music playing in the store is awesome!

Another casualty along Route 66

A 'missle' ?? next to the I-44 Racetrack on Route 66.
            Wrink's Market - A small neighborhood store on Route 66 that was operated continuously on Route 66 for over 50 years by Glenn Wrinkle. After his death in 2005, the store was shuttered for about two years until his son Terry reopened it in2007. The store achieved a measure of fame when its 99-cent bologna sandwich was recommended by Paul Harvey on his nationwide radio program in the early 1990s. It is now cllosed again.

             Munger Moss Motel - 1336 Route 66 [417-532-3111] the Munger Moss Sandwich Shop opened in Devil's Elbow, MO circa 1940. The curious name comes from the joining of two different surnames--Munger and Moss. When that loop of highway was bypassed during WWII, the owners bought property in Lebanon on whether to operate their business, eventually--in 1946--adding motel rooms. The motel was obtained by the Lehmans in 1971 and has been run by them ever since. There is a great collection of antique toy trucks on display in the motel’s lobby area.
              Lebanon-Laclede County Library – 915 S. Jefferson - An outstanding collection of publications reflecting the creation and development of Route 66 from its earliest days, now archived and available to writers and researchers worldwide – plus a fine Route 66 museum – all under one roof.
Route 66 Museum -- in the Laclede County Library; inside are memorabilia and recreations of the ’66 era, such as an old motel room, 50s diner and soda fountain.
       Bell Restaurant
International Stave Company (aka “Barrels of Fun”) is a barrel manufactory with “thru the window” tours of the operation available at any time.

The picture says it all.......
            Missouri Welcome Center – with separate displays for westbound and eastbound travelers. One portrays Route 66 and landmarks across Missouri, while the other presents a history of the highway from border to border. The Welcome Center also offers clever touches like sidewalks resembling a road surface and a collection of signage from the golden era of Route 66.
 The Rocking Chair Restaurant - Martingale Road - right next to the Budget Inn. Great food, wonderful atmosphere and very friendly staff.
Tomorrow we are off to Republic, MO just outside Springfield, MO.

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