Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thomasville, AL to Atmore, AL - 83 miles

Today we travelled from Thomasville, AL to Atmore, AL which is right on the Florida State Line. It was a very long, hot day.

On the way we stopped in Uriah, AL. 
King-Criswell Plantation House
Uriah is also home to an historic structure called King-Criswell Plantation House. The Plantation was built in the late 1850's by William 'Doc' King, newphew of William Rufus DeVane King the 13th Vice President of the United States. It was originally located in Lower Peachtree on the Alabama river. The main structure was dismantled and reassembled in the 1960s at its present location at 535 Hwy 59 in Uriah. The massive structure is approximately 9,000 square feet and is a wonderful example of the 'Classic or Greek Revival Style' of architecture popular with large plantation owners during the mid 1800's.
Atmore was first recorded as a stop on the Mobile and Great Northern Railroad. The town was named after Mr. C.P. Atmore, General Passenger Agent of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, who often stopped at the Williams Station depot. Since the early 1990s, the city has held an Arts and Crafts festival in honor of this event.
For most of the 20th century, the Atmore area was primarily a farming, timber, and light industry community. In the last 20 years, telecommunications have had a greater role in the economy, first with Southland Systems, which sold out to Worldcom (later MCI-Worldcom). Later, its offices were incorporated into Touch #1, which was then bought out by Z-Tel.
With federal recognition and the founding of gaming  casinos, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians Reservation operates the Wind Creek Casino and Hotel in Atmore. 

Paul Birch, actor and the original "Marlboro Man", was born in Atmore, AL.
 Evander Holyfield, four-time World Heavyweight boxing champion, was born in Atmore, AL.
Second Lieutenant William C. Maxwell, namesake of Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL, was born in Atmore, AL.

We are staying at the Days Inn.
The woman at the front desk told me that the hotel is no longer a Days Inn, but she didn't know what the new name would be.
Tomorrow we are off to Mobile, AL.

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