Friday, August 19, 2011

Tallahassee, FL to Monticello, FL - 48 miles

Unlike Thomas Jefferson's home in Virginia, the city in Florida is pronounced "mont-i-SEL-o," not "mont-i-CHEL-o".

Jefferson County Courthouse, Monticello, FL.

Hanging Tree, Monticello, FL. Intersection of Highway 90 and 19. Like many southern towns, Monticello has what is known as a Hanging Tree located near it’s courthouse. The local shopkeepers would close up shop each Thursday afternoon so they could witness the hangings in the city square. To this day, store owners still close their shops early on Thursdays.

Monticello is a beautiful small town in Northwest Florida with loads of southern charm by day... and ghostly spirits by night. Designated the South's Most Haunted Town in October 2003 by ABC News, the haunted hype still surrounds the town — from the hanging tree in the middle of the square to the 1872 John Denham House Bed and Breakfast. In fact, the Denham House has been named one of the top places to get in bed with a ghost by USA Today.

Perkins Opera House, Monticello, FL.

Monticello, FL has a historic 19th century opera house that still features regular musical performances, as well as theater productions and musicals. The first floor ballroom also holds receptions on a regular basis.

We are staying at the 1872 John Denham House [haunted].

Tomorrow we are off to White Springs, FL.

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